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Dear Visitor,

The concept for was originally envisioned in the early 90’s when the Internet as most people know it was in its infancy. was registered when there were less than 10,000 URL’s in existence. It was a far different internet than it was today. I had the academic notion that it would be possible to match questions and answers in such a way that one could have a dialogue with a suitably well trained computer.

The basic idea to use Jesus as the ‘other party’ was inspired by those around me that claim to be of a Christian faith or upbringing. I learned that an interesting aspect of the day to day lives of my Christian friends that oft repeated itself. I found that they would often and regularly misquote Jesus.

While I generally forgive a slight misquote, my friends would often attribute a quote from another source with a sentence much like, “Jesus once said,” followed by a quote from anyone from Shakespeare to Confucius to Oscar Wilde.

Similarly, I found that when I would quote Jesus, from something he actually said in the Gospels, that the quote was found to be astonishing to my Christian audience, if not completely unbelievable. I decided that I should create to educate Christians and non-Christians alike on what Jesus actually said in the Gospels in what I hope to be both an entertaining and educational way.

All the answers given by are in the ‘vox domini’ or the voice of the Lord. That is to say that all the answers will be quotes from the Gospels, or the first four books of the New Testament. This site should be treated as an academic exercise only and makes no claim that a living Jesus would give the same answers provided by this site. If asked the same questions, either in the 1st century or the 21st century, I would be astonished if a living Jesus would provide the same answer as this site does. is for entertainment and education only and should not be used as advice for any reason or aspect of your life. For medical, legal, engineering, psychological or relationship advice, you should seek an expert in the respective field. For religious advice, seek someone with theological expertise in a religious sect not too different from your own. In the mean time, please enjoy this humble offering of my attempt to match every day questions with the teachings of Jesus.

Humbly Submitted,
Robyn Blaber
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